J. C. Martin, Jr. Elementary School

 J.C. Martin Elementary School was built to replace the old Central School that was located on the 600 block of Farragut. Central, known as “La Escuela Amarilla” was constructed in the 1870’s by an ex-Confederate officer, Captain Refugio Benavides, while serving as the mayor of Laredo, Texas.

 In 1974 the location of Central was changed to 1600 Monterrey. The school’s name was changed at this time to J.C. Martin Educational Complex in honor of the mayor at the time Mr. Joseph C. Martin, Jr. Mayor Martin was active in the Model Cities Program, a federal program, which allocated the funds to build the new school.

 J.C. Martin was originally built as an open concept school. An open concept school was a trend in the United States during the early 1970’s. Schools were built without walls in order to help foster a closer school environment and promote activity based learning. Students were not limited to being in a certain grade level. They could be place in a class that would fit their needs. These types of schools were based upon schools commonly found in England. The problem with the American version was class size, unlike the English schools whose class size was only 10 to 12 student, U.S. schools would double the amount of students in a classroom. During the 80’s these types of school were being phased out. Schools were being remodeled to make individual classrooms. J.C. Martin was remodeled and walls were added.

 Today, J.C. Martin Educational Complex is known as J.C. Martin, Jr. Elementary School. It is the home to over 600 students. Our mascot is the Bulldog and our colors are blue and gold.

 Go Bulldogs!